Have you been itching to find out what our Summer Solstice celebration is going to be like here in Garden? Below, find our schedule of events! Please note that this tentative schedule may change and will be updated here on this blog post! Whether it's learning how to slow down and move with sensual intention in Junia's Slooowww Dance Jam, doing Yoga at Dawn(ish) with Caroline, catching the film Major! about Black Trans Icon Miss Major, or making Altars with ze, we have a little bit of something for everyone! Need help converting Los Angeles/Pacific Time to your time zone? Check out this time converter!

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12pm PST June 22nd - 12pm PST June 23rd

Tentative Summer Solstice Schedule 🌞

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12pm-12:30pm PST (Option 1: Lobby) Orientation for those new to Garden/Gather (Option 2: Game Room; multiple locations) *Games available all day*

12:35pm-1:35pm PST (Garden Map) Altar Creation w/ Ze :  inspired by Indigenous Mesoamerican culture.

1:00-2:30pm PST (Kinship Room/Enchanted Library)"I Hereby Declare That I Am Trans Because I Am African, and I Am African Because I Am Trans” Navigating Through Internalized Trauma Stemming From Ideologies That Say That Gender Non-Conformity Is Un-African (Open to Trans & Gender Expansive Africans and 1st/2nd gen Trans Africans immigrants)) w/ Ohene:Waa

1:45pm-3:45pm (Option 1: Movie Theater) Radicalized Film Screening (Option 2: Movie Theater) Major! Film Screening

2pm-3pm (The Beach) Tapping/Acupressure for Stress Relief w/Caroline

4pm-5:30pm PST (Option 1: Kinship Room, Enchanted Library) Mutual Aid Workshop w/Fab: Learn how to create efforts towards and participate in mutual aid. (Option 2: Gem Room, Enchanted Library) We Are All Of Us Medicine Peoples: The Power of Black Transness [Please note this session is for Black Trans & Gender Expansive Peoples Only] w/ Liberation Medicine School 

5:35 pm-7:05pm PST (Option 1: Treehouse, Enchanted Library) Covid Safer Camping w/ Gata & Janet: Janet and Gata share their planning, process, and intentions of organizing a covid safer camping trip. In planning this trip, they strived to meet everyone's needs as best they could and show up for each other in lovingly queer ways. (Option 2: Jungle Room, Enchanted Library) Slooowww Dance Jam w/ Junia : slow down and move with sensual intention
[Please note this session is for Black People only, of all genders, body types and physical ability].

7:15pm-9pm  PST  (Garden Theater) Feature Performances & Open Mic featuring:  NeptuneMuse, Poetic Old Soul, Ang Woon. Hosted by J Mase III.

 9:15pm- 7am PST (Option 1: Game Room; all over) Games (Option 2: Up All Night Room)) All Night Story Time & Movie Room Opens

10pm-12am (Kinship Room, Enchanted Library) Late Night TGNC Meet Up w/ Ang

12am-1am PST (Apothecary) Trans & Non-Binary Performers to the Front (Screenings)

1am- 7am PST All Night Activities Continue (Option 1) Games (Option 2) All Night Story Time & Movie Room

1:30am-2:15 am PST First Snowball Fight of Summer

7am-7:45am PST (The Beach) Yoga at Dawn(ish) w/Caroline 

8:00am-12pm PST (Option 1: Vendor Fair) Get an Astrological Poem w/NeptuneMuse / (Option 2: Vendor Fair) Vendor Fair & Garden Market

8:30 am-9:30am PST (Apothecary) Performances w/chris ashley, Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi, Audria LB & Venus Kii Thomas

10am-12pm PST (Admin Workshop Room) Non-Competitive Improv w/StormMiguel 

12pm-12:30pm PST (Garden Map) Dreaming & Closing Session

RSVP for Summer Solstice here.

RSVP for Summer Solstice here.

Until next our avatars meet,

🪻J Mase

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